Date Event
Tuesday, April 25 Early arrivals, test rides and mark roads. 

Let us know in advance if you will arrive early. (We could use the help.)

Wednesday, April 26 Welcome Reception at the Marietta Brewing Co.

Stop at Kroger for Supplies (if needed)

Registration table opens

Dinner (on your own)

Evening Welcome ride – the Yellow Route @ 3:30 pm  Route here

Thursday, April 27 Breakfast (on your own)

Registration table opens

The Green Arrow Day. @ 10 am with A and B Routes available.  

Check the route here

Country Buffet Dinner at the Lodge (on your own)

Camaraderie Night Hotel Lobby and Douglas Room (7 pm)

Friday, April 28 Breakfast (on your own)

The Yellow Arrow Day.  @10 am with A and B Routes available.  

Check the route here

The Route of which we do not speak.

Cabin area: CRAFT BEER NIGHT –  (each club brings a Case of hometown brew to share and vote for the best)

Saturday, April 29 Breakfast (on your own)

The Blue Arrow Day.  @10 am  with A and B Routes available.  

 Check the route here

BBQ Cook out at the Camp Grounds/Band

Dinner/Open Awards

Sunday, April 30 Breakfast (on your own)

The Petroleum route. @ 10 am  Check the route here

A quick spin through a low river valley.